Yes Ma’am Interview with The Art of Wall

“This couple started out as creative innocents, doing street portraits together, painting their friends on massive sheets of paper and pasting them up around the inner west. Then they got to thinking about a business venture they could do together and both enjoy. Building on  strengths and using differences to their advantage, “The ART of WALL” is one mural company making BIG impressions.” Read more…


Break for the border

‘It’s the most expensive piece of art I’ve ever bought and I can’t take it with me,” Alice Mathers says. She’s talking about the striking mural that covers one wall of her Mexican takeaway in Neutral Bay. It took two people 80 hours to paint.





“My first thought when the car bearing Victorian plates and flying one of those baby Australian flags rolled into Redfern on the day before Australia Day? “Fucking great, the bogans are massing for the weekend.”” Read more…



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