About us

The Art of Wall formed in late 2012 by Tobi Gambling and Leia Sidery. The idea was to create a business combining both of their talents and skill sets. Tobi being a scenic artist and Leia, a graphic designer and illustrator, the pair perfectly complement one another.

However, their skills extend to much more than painting murals, and The Art of Wall has grown into a creative collective, providing Sydney and the Blue Mountains with an exciting and wholesome alternative to the mass produced, vinyl-cut visuals that plaster the face of our city and beyond.

A bit about our artists:

the-art-of-wall-tobi-gamblingTobi Gambling

Tobi has worked in the film industry for 14 years as a scenic.
She specializes in faux finishes, marbling, wood graining, texture coating, rusting and ageing and is used to working on really largescale projects.

It’s hard to pin down her skill set as it’s so broad and every job requires something new, and needs different creative problem solving solutions.

But when it comes down to it, Tobi just loves to ‘CRAFT’, from painting huge murals, playing bass to her daughter, screenprinting to pickling, making weird puppets and everything in between.

Films & Events

  • Matrix 2&3
  • The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe
  • Charlottes Web
  • Australia
  • Opening And Closing Ceremonies 2006 Asia Games, Qatar
  • Wolverine 1&2
  • The Pacific
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Unbroken
  • The Gods Of Egypt


Leia Sidery

Lil has worked as a freelance designer and visual artist since 2002 (view her design portfolio at Fablecraft.com.au)
She spent the most part of the last decade in the music industry, not only creating artworks and promotional materials for venues and parties and bands, but also writing, recording and playing music in the electro-dream-pop band The Blush Foundation.

“As a ‘creative’ and a ‘communicator’ I feel its important to explore the arts that appeal to all the senses, and in doing so, have a deeper experience of the world around me – and within me.”

The band has morphed from a full-time gigging electro band, to more of a ‘coming-together’ of multiple creative expressions. Currently, The Art of Wall and the Blush foundation are in the middle of working on a film clip for their first single off their second album, which they’re all really excited about. The idea is to tell a story through a painted mural animation.




Indigo Jo

With 30 years of experience spanning a wide range of applications, Indigo Jo creates hand painted bespoke signage and murals fuelled by a love of traditional crafts.

Jo has the ability to interpret your vision creating unique one off works.
Retail – Film – Television – Events – Private Residences – Public Art


  • Hand painted signs
  • Vinyl /Digital
  • Decorative Arts
  • Scenic painting
  • Gold leaf

A handcrafted sign brings warmth and welcome that is timeless. To see the craftsman’s hand in each letter holds an immediate quality. An old hand painted weather beaten sign brings so much character to a building often telling the story and history of that place.

See Jo’s Porfolio at indigo-jo.com.au


Mel Gravas

Introducing the newest member of The Art of Wall family – Melani Gravas. Mel’s illustration style is fresh, whimsical, cute, symbolic and at times, just the right amount of disturbing.

The offspring of two cartoon animators, her and her two sisters are all highly creative. Even in her 21 years on this planet, she is well travelled, and this is evident in her unique style, which emits flavours of South American street art, Mayan symbology, and sacred geometry, all whilst being simplistic and minimalist in execution.